Evalgebra is a symbol|ic calculator working with Clifford numbers.

The Clifford algebra is generated by vectors of real space Rn together with an associative, bilinear, vector product wich satisfy the basic axion that the square of a vector is a scalar (positive or negative) :          a a = |a

This allows the theorie and properties of the algebra to be built up in an intuitive, geometric way.

Clifford algebra is useful in physics problems. It provides a more compact and intuitive description of classical and quantum mechanics, electromagnetic theory and relativity.  Also useful for computer vision, robotics, etc …

The main objective of this application is to provide to students a simple tool to make easy calculations in Clifford algebra as shown in some exercises.

Download Eigenmath.app  version 2.64  for macOS 

Download Eigenmath.exe version 137 for Windows 

Copy Evalgebra  and paste in Eigenmath script area. Run it.

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